Let Them Know

In local government, the most important voice should be the voice of the people. Voters like you are the very people Jon is hoping to get support from. The list below represents some amazing people from various sectors who want to see Jon O'Connor continue in office as City Commissioner. And yet, it is YOUR support that will matter most to your colleagues, friends, family, and neighbors. 

Add YOUR name to the growing list of REAL PEOPLE endorsing Commissioner O'Connor. Your influence is far greater than you know, and Jon is more than aware of it, recently telling his campaign team, "Yes. You can continue to seek endorsements and solicit the handful of well-known faces and agencies, but I would much rather see a list a mile long of our neighbors, the people who make the First Ward so special, the ones who live, work, play, serve, and worship here in this community. Get their endorsements. Get their support. Let them know that I am running to serve them."

Jon is honored to have the endorsement of the names listed below.

Rosalynn Bliss - Mayor of Grand Rapids

Kurt Reppart - First Ward City Commissioner Grand Rapids

Ruth Kelly - Second Ward City Commissioner Grand Rapids

Senita Lenear - Third Ward City Commissioner Grand Rapids

Rev. Nathaniel Moody - Third Ward City Commissioner Grand Rapids

George Heartwell - Former Mayor of Grand Rapids

Dave Allen - Former Third Ward Commissioner Grand Rapids

Walt Gutowski - Former First Ward Commissioner Grand Rapids

Dave Shaffer - Former First Ward Commissioner Grand Rapids

Hon. Lupe Ramos-Montigny - State Board of Education

David LaGrand - State Representative 75th District

Tony Baker -GRPS Board of Education

Kym Davis - GRPS Board of Education

Jose Flores - GRPS Board of Education

Kristian Grand - GRPS Board of Education

Raynard Ross - GRPS Board of Education

Jen Schottke - GRPS Board of Education

Kim Williams - GRPS Board of Education

Wendy & David Falb - Former GRPS Board of Education

Ed Kettle - Former GRPS Board of Education

Maureen Quinn Slade - Former GRPS Board of Education

Dave Bulkowski - Kent County Commissioner

Carol Hennessey - Kent County

Phil Skaggs - Kent County Commissioner

Stan Stek - Kent County Commissioner

Jim Talen - Kent County Commissioner

Robert S Womack - Kent County Commissioner

Steven Wooden - Kent County Commissioner

Dick Bulkowski - Former Kent County Commissioner

Elizabeth Welch - East Grand Rapids Board of Education

Hon. Steve & Alicia Pestka - Former Judge, State Rep, County Commissioner

Johnny Brann Sr.

Marco Bulnes

Jim Davis

Paola Mendivil

Teresa & Dennis Weatherall Neal