In Just Four Years

As First Ward City Commissioner, Jon has been able to be a part of the leadership that continues to challenge the system in fiscal responsibility and with focus on neighborhood needs, including infrastructure and safety and security. 

With Jon in office, the recession that devastated the First Ward has rebounded as well or better than most communities throughout the state of Michigan.

Commissioner O'Connor has challenged the city of Grand Rapids to do more than just talk about their desires, but to take action and to be responsible to the people who elected the officials in city hall. In that regard, Grand Rapids has emerged as one of the most desireable mid-sized metropolis cities to be a part of. 

Perhaps most importantly, Jon has fueled action but not without consistently drawing attention back to neighborhoods. If Grand Rapids is to be the world class city we all want to see it become, it cannot abandon the people who have made it so great. Jon's time in office has changed the narrative about growth and redirected attention to neighborhood business districts, local & small business development, and the creation of housing to prevent displacement.